Kewlage Schedule 2014 2015

Before School

7:30 Children arrive, change shoes, wash hands, and participate in indoor free choice activities. All areas of the room are available for the group. Activities started may be saved for the afternoon program.
8:30 Tidy up time and preparing to walk to Wellesley Public School. Children pick their buddies for the walk to the school.

Please note: This time may change with the seasons and weather.

8:40 Arrival at the school. When the duty teacher providing outdoor supervision is seen, the children go to their designated doors and have time for outdoor gross motor time prior to the bell. One staff then returns to the church to end his/her shift. One staff person remains available and assists with the kindergarten children until bell time.
8:55 Bell rings

After School

3:15 Staff arrive at Wellesley Public School no later than 3:10pm to meet and greet the children at the meeting place, located in the hall just past the library. One staff goes to the designated door (please see the school map) to greet and escort the children from the portables.

Staff follow the safe arrival procedure prior to leaving Wellesley Public School.

3:40 to 4:15 Arrival at St. Marks.

The school agers place their backpacks along the side of the church and participate in free choice outdoor activities, group games or sports.

Outdoor time may vary according to the children’s interests and the weather. Staying within ratios, one group may remain outside longer and one group may go inside earlier.

During inclement weather, the group goes inside. Gross motor activities take place during this time, either in one big group or in smaller groups, based on the number of children in attendance and what games are chosen. Gross motor activities take place for at least twenty minutes, based on the children’s interests.

4:15 to 5:30 The children transition to indoor free choice activities. Backpacks and outdoor clothing are hung on the hooks and outdoor footwear are placed on the boot trays. The children and leaders wash their hands and change into their indoor shoes.

Children engage in free choice activities during this time, which include but aren’t limited to: science, creatives, computer, board games, books, dramatic play, and manipulatives.

Children may eat a snack during this time. Fruit and a grain product are available for the children who do not have a snack.

Children tidy up prior to leaving for the night.

5:30 to 5:45 Remaining kewlagers tidy up and walk to the main site and hang up backpacks and coats on the hooks in Kinderzone.
5:45 to 6:00 Remaining kewlagers engage in activities with younger siblings and/or in Kinderzone until pick up. Children tidy up prior to leaving for the night.

Summer Camp 2016

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