March Break Fun at Inspiring Minds

$40/day or $200/week
7:30am - 6:00pm - for children currently registered
8:00am - 5:00pm - for children from the community

Lunch and 2 snacks are included

Nature Gone Wild Monday March 14th

What we will be doing today:

Nature Walk and Collage Planting wildflowers Designing Flower Pots Mystery bag Sensory memory game
Let’s explore nature! Wander by the pond, river and paths and bring nature’s wonder back to our playground and room! We will use our talents to create natural art, learn how to plant with your budding green thumb and inject more fun by guessing what is in the mystery bag!

JURASSIC PARK Tuesday, March 15th

What we will be doing today:

Digging for Dinosaurs Creating Clay Dinosaurs Melting Ice Dinosaur Eggs Dinosaur Habitat Dinosaur world
What kind of dinosaur would you be? Let’s turn back time to when these gigantic creatures roamed the earth and find out! Discover interesting characteristics of Therizinosaurus, Nigersaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and more. Let’s go Jurassic!

SLUMBER PARTY Wednesday, March 16th

What we will be doing today:

Designing Pillow Cases Making Popcorn Scavenger Hunt Cardboard Flip Flops Painting Nails
Stay comfy and cozy all day! Wear your favourite PJs, and bring your warm slippers because today we are having a pajama day. Don’t worry about staying awake because the exciting activities are sure not to make you blink!

LUCK OF THE IRISH Thursday, March 17th

What we will be doing today:

Silver and Gold Slime Leprechaun Traps Making Clover Cookies Growing Clovers Irish Story Learn some Irish Dance Steps
See if you have the luck of the Irish and venture into finding a leprechaun or that lucky pot of gold! Wear green, and spend the day with us celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style!

WINTER OLYMPICS Friday, March 18th

What we will be doing today:

Road Hockey Sledding Obstacle Course
Get ready to go outside and have some fun! We are going to host our own Winter Olympics. No snow? No worries! We will make the best of what the weather gives us and take part in a lot of fun games.

Summer Camp 2016

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