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With licensed child care comes lots of forms! An application package will be provided following a tour of the Inspiring Minds.

Forms are required to be downloaded, printed and signed in order to be completed. Here are a few of the forms parents may need more regularly:

  • Administration of Medication
    • Medications may be prescribed or non-prescribed and must be in the original container. Labels for medications are available at the Centre.
  • Administration of Creams – ongoing
    • All creams, including lip chap, hand cream, diaper cream, sunscreen, etc. must be in the original container and purchased within the last 6 months. Labels for creams are available at the Centre.
  • School Age Program: Bag Lunch Policy and Consent
    • Parents are asked to provide an after school snack as we are not able to provide snacks at our school age program. We ask that snacks follow Canada’s Food Guide and provide food from 2 of the 4 food groups. Fruit and crackers will be available for children who do not have a snack.

Don’t see a form here? Contact us with your request.

Summer Camp 2016

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