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medieval times

July 18th - 22nd
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castle building

  • Create and Build your own castle
  • Learn about all the different parts that make up a castle


  • Creating catapults and seeing how far can we make pom poms fly
  • Measuring the distance

jousting with pool noodles

  • Learn about jousting
  • Design their own lances using pool noodles

card towers

  • Work in pairs to create unique card towers
  • Conducting experiments to test the stability of our towers

moat building in sandbox

  • Building a moat in the sandbox
  • Learn about the purpose of a moat in medieval times

castle kilbride

  • Visit to Castle Kilbride in Baden
  • Take part in hands on activities put on by the Castle’s staff

Summer Camp 2016

  • Close

Summer Camp 2016

  • Close