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July 11th - 15th
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exploring under the sea

  • Learn about the creatures and plants that live under the sea

shipwreck game

  • Working together to get across the ocean

coral reef

  • What is Coral Reef? What is its purpose?
  • See different types of coral reef.

fish exploration (saltwater fish)

  • What is the difference between saltwater fish and freshwater fish?

buried treasure

  • Follow the map to find the buried treasure

saltwater vs. freshwater

  • Experiments to see what is the difference between saltwater and freshwater?

sharks and minnows

  • A fun twist to the outdoor game “Across Canada”


  • Putting what we have learned into play, using only creatures found under the sea


  • Create your very own soctopus!

Summer Camp 2016

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Summer Camp 2016

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