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Looking for another adventure this summer for your child? There’s no need to travel to Kitchener-Waterloo for summer camp — it is available close to home! Inspiring Minds Summer Camp is licensed for children entering SK to 12 years of age, however our camp is geared more toward children entering SK to grade 3.

Choose one, two or more weeks on a daily or weekly basis and your child can spend time with neighborhood friends and meet some new ones too! All our Camp Programs are led & developed by Registered Early Childhood Educators. Camp hours are 8am - 5pm with extended hours available from 7:30am - 5:30pm for a nominal fee.

Nutritious snacks & lunches are included. Summer Camp fees are due at the time of registration, only $210/week and $44/day – contact us for our payment options


Contact us to inquire about daily and weekly
camp availability..

Summer Camp 2018



Let's welcome in summer by enjoying the great outdoors! With fun activities to keep you entertained all day long. Who doesn't love Bath Bombs? Well it's your turn to see how they are made and even make one for yourself. This may be a short week but there is no shortage of FUN!



A week of culinary curiosity, this week we explore food from around the world, how to prepare food in a myriad of different ways. We also explore how different foods interact with each other and what that means for our taste buds.


WEEK 3: JULY 16TH - 20th

Break out your magnifying glass and thinking cap! This week is all about mysteries, can you decode the secret message? How do the police solve their cases? What lies at the end of the treasure map? So many questions, are you brave enough to follow the clues and find the answers?


WEEK 4: JULY 23rd - 27th

Every good scientist knows to always expect the unexpected, this week we will try to figure out what exactly that unexpected something is. Get your lab coats and safety goggles on because we have new things to explore everyday and it’s a guessing game as to what could possible happen!


WEEK 5: July 30th - AUG. 3rd

Hold on to your (tie dyed) socks because this week we are traveling backwards and forwards in time! How did people play music before the ipod? What are scrunchies and shoulder pads? What roamed the earth before the dinosaurs? When will we get our flying cars and teleportation machines? There is just so much of time to explore how will we get through it all in just one week?!


WEEK 6: AUG. 7th - 10TH

Its time to take a look at the wildlife around us! Can you guess the mystery animal each day? Let’s take a visit to a farm and see how domesticated animal live with us and then explore wild animals there are around Wellesley. What do you know about the animals on land and in the sea?


WEEK 7: AUG. 13th - 17TH

Do you have an artistic flare? Are you the next Picasso or maybe the next Mozart? Come and join us for a week filled with all types of art and expression. Learn what types of tools you can use to sculpt like Michelangelo, or how to dance to the rhythm and move to the beat.


WEEK 8: AUG. 20th - 24th

Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles and run through the obstacle course? You’ll need both brawn and brains to make it through this week! Each day will have a new challenge that will push you to your limits. Think hard to solve the puzzles, move carefully to get through the obstacle and dig deep to bravely push through your fears! Who will come out the other side a winner?


WEEK 9 : Aug. 27th - 31st

Before the summer ends let’s enjoy what it has to offer! Join us and special guest Faye as she leads us on a day of outdoor activities, get down and dirty with an afternoon full of mud baths and put your survival skills to the test in a “desert landscape”. Let’s explore the natural world together and rediscover the wonders and the dangers it can possess!

Summer Camp 2016

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