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Our camp plans may change to remain in line with current Guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Waterloo Region Public Health. If any week of camp cannot operate due to these guidelines, insufficient registration or staffing, a full refund will be issued.

Looking for another adventure this summer for your child? There’s no need to travel to Kitchener-Waterloo for summer camp — it is available close to home!Inspiring Minds Summer Camp is licensed for children entering SK to 12 years of age, however, our camp is geared more toward children entering SK to grade 3.

Spend time with neighbourhood friends and meet some new ones too! Choose one, two or more weeks on a daily or weekly basis. Please Note: Children registering for camp on a part-time basis are not permitted to attend another camp, home child care or babysitter (with anyone outside their household) in the same week as they are registered at Inspiring Minds.

Camps are led by Registered Early Childhood Educators or Educators in Training. Our Forest and Nature School weeks are led by a Forest School Practitioner.

Nutritious snacks & lunches, catered by Schmidtsville Restaurant, are included.

Camp hours: 8am - 5pm
Extended hours: 5pm- 5:30pm

Summer Camp fees are due at the time of registration, only $220.00/week or $46/day
The cost of the Forest and Nature Camp is $230/week or $48/day
Extended hours: $10/week or $2/day
Contact us for our payment options.


Contact us to inquire about daily and weekly
camp availability.

Summer Camp 2021

Summer Sleuths

JUNE 29th-JULY 2 (closed July 1) **Internal Families Only**

From decoding puzzle maps to writing your own secret messages and everything else in between. This week is all about discovering the detective in you. Solve clues, uncover secrets and unwrap the enigma using science, logic and brain power. Are you up for the challenge?

Activities include: Puzzle maps, decoding, invisible messages, and even solving the Great Mystery of Inspiring Minds.

The Wizards of Wellesley

JULY 5th - 9th

You’ve gotten your acceptance letter to the Inspiring Minds Magical School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Pack your wands and join us for potions class, Quidditch practice, and divination lessons. Learn to use and control the magic that is within you. Which house will you join?

Activities include: potion making, witch’s brew fluffy slime, make your own wand.

Confident Campers

JULY 12th - 16th

This week we explore the wild around us and how we can use it to build up our confidence. We will learn to believe in ourselves and our abilities by taking nature as our leader. Come with us as we observe how the natural world teaches us to try again, take risks and love our unique qualities.

Activities include: 5 senses hiking, nest building, nature based yoga, and joyful jars.

True North Strong and Free (Forest School)

JULY 19th- 23rd

Beginning with the seven grandfather teachings of First Nations Metis, we will be getting to know the roots of the land. Who were the people that lived in this place we call Canada before us? Dive back in Canada’s history to uncover who they were, what they believed, and where they are now.

Activities include: Paddle art, medicine wheel, totem pole and the story of names.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

JULY 26th - 30th

What animals are close to extinction around the world? This week we are going to be learning about animals that need the most help around the world and what we can do to help them. From the Javan Rhinoceros to the Mountain Gorillas and everything in between.

Activities include:make your own endangered animal poster, don’t let them disappear book by Chelsea Clinton, build a bridge challenge, animal trivia game and animal exercises - endangered species edition.

Worlds around the World

AUG 3rd - 6th

This week we will be looking at ecosystems from around the world. What is the same and what is different in comparison to ours. These will include but are not limited to the Amazon Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, Sundarbans, Namib Desert and Tonle Sap Lake. What makes each system unique, and how do the organisms in them survive?

Activities include: layers of the ocean experiment, decomposing experiment, build a biodome, rock cactus art experience.


AUG 9th - 13th

What is your background? Where did your family originate? We are going to dive into each background to discover our heritages. We will be making family trees and learning about the vibrant history of Wellesley.

Activities include: Family trees, Yours, mine and ours traditions, family coat of arms, pipe cleaner family tree, where in the world game!

No Trace Left Behind (Forest School)

AUG 16th - 20th

Gardening, cooking on the fire, and exploring the lovely world around us. We will be learning about how animals and people survive in the wild. Nature weaving, smores, flashlight tag, bird houses and learning about the life cycle of plants in the forest. Discover how to live on a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Activities include: trip to the forest, nature weaving, pollution experiment, flashlight tag, birdhouse building

Survivor Week - (Forest School)

AUG 23rd - 27th

Ever wonder if you could survive on the game show “Survivor”? Do you have what it takes? We are going to test your ability to outlast, outwit and outplay during this survivor themed week! Puzzles, games and obstacle courses to complete throughout the week.

Activities include: Obstacle courses, DIY camp lanterns, Hula Hoop frisbee and Topsy Turvy Sticky

Manufacturing Mayhem

AUG 30th- Sept 3rd

To the tallest of skyscrapers to the smallest of machines, this week we explore how things are made. Together we will imagine, plan and build our own inventions from examples around town and beyond. Are you up for the challenge?

Activities include: marshmallow structures, tallest tower topple challenge, engineering eye spy and “bridging the gap” game.

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