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wacky sports

July 25th - 29th
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coach visit

  • Campers will learn the basics about a sport straight from a player/coach
  • Take part in drills, practices and if there are enough campers, a game.

crab soccer

  • A twist on the game of soccer and playing as we walk like crabs.

tennis relay

  • Holding a tennis ball between their knees and hopping around obstacles

what's inside a baseball?

  • Working in teams to take apart a baseball

what's inside a tennis ball?

  • Discover what is inside a tennis ball and compare that to the baseball

making frisbees

  • Design and create your own Frisbee
  • Measuring how far they fly using a tape measure

spoon and balloon race

  • Like a classic egg and spoon race but instead with a water balloon!

Summer Camp 2016

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Summer Camp 2016

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